Dreamcelsius Group is a leading Pan-African investment holding company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our diversified investment portfolio span across a wide range of service lines with interests in key business sectors focused on innovation and plays an important role in strengthening South Africa’s opportunities for growth and development in private industry-ensuring the country can reap the benefits of globalization. Our divisions operate in diverse sectors include commodity trading, agriculture, multimedia, office-supplies, security services and cleaning services.

The company establishment was in mid-summer of 2015 with a vision to build a supreme black-owned enterprise that will transform lives-hearts and serve customer needs all seasons with the will power. We offer innovative your business alternative- solutions that are tested to work and make a dramatic impact on the communities we operate in across the globe. We combine the know-how to and local expertise of the South African-African geographical dynamics to connect quality products, to businesses, household, local farmers, customers with our excellent customer service.

While serving our clients we are aware that we need to offer something different in customer experience with unique problem-solving products and services with the niche focus on business to business at more than 100%, measured through satisfied customers and more referrals. Our large network of producers, commodities, suppliers, services and long-term relationships, partnerships we have developed over the years enable us to leverage on leading technology, knowledge and skills with those within our network to offer you, the client, your business complete innovative solutions at the right pricing.

Research and Development plays a critical role in the innovation process. It’s essentially an investment in technology and future capabilities that are transformed into new products, processes, and services. The benefits of innovation on new product features is increased market share by giving consumers something they have never seen before. While R&D is typically internal to our business we take advantage of public resources and eternal knowledge to get our hands on the knowledge because, at the end of the day, useful knowledge is the most important tool to produce creativity in our offering.